Conditions of the Event 2024

By registering for the event, the participant agrees to the following conditions:

  • In General

By registering, the participant agrees to release the organizer of this event, as well as all affiliated organizations and persons, from any claims and claims for damages which may occur in connection with the event. The participant is aware of the risks of injury at a dance event and assumes full responsibility for any injury or personal injury resulting from the event. He/she is at least 18 years old (applies to legal representatives in the case of a minor).

  • Price of Ticket/Payment/Booking

The booking for the event is only binding after full payment. After registration, payment details will be communicated by email. Participation is only confirmed once payment has been received and confirmed by us by email.

  • Cancellation Policy/Change of the participant

There is no refund of the ticket price in case of cancellation. The transfer of the ticket to another person is only possible after notification (with disclosure of all data according to the registration form) to the organizer.

We recommend to inform yourself about a travel (cancellation) insurance (in case of personal sickness or accident)  to eventually get a refund of the ticket.

  • Legal claims from schedule and/or instructors

The organizer may change the schedule at any time.

The participant has no legal right to the number of hours scheduled for this event. Any shortening of the available hours on the dancefloor will not lead to a refund of the ticket price. Neither the full price nor the proportional (actually available hours to planned hours according to schedule) amount will be refunded.

The star guests have promised the participation bindingly to the organizer. Should an instructor be prevented due to force majeure, then the organizer agrees to seek an adequate replacement. This does not lead to the total or even partial refund of the ticket price.

  • Media / Publishing

The organizer points out that at this entire event videos and photos will be taken and these recordings can also be published. Should you disagree, the participation of this event is not possible. We thank you for your understanding. (Information due to the DSGVO)

  • Line Dance Etiquette

At this event, we wil dance to”Line Dance Etiquette” so that harmonious coexistence for all Line Dancers will be possible. By registering for the event, the participant is ready to accept this etiquette. (If this Etiquette is not known, we will send it via email via contact).